More Blood than Flowers


··· 2018 is end-ing ···

another ending
this year has taught me many lessons
lots about shadow
it has been an exploration into the dark cave
into the mysteries of life and death
2018 taught me how to find love in the rigid bones
in the diseased and dissociated mind
in the primal desires of the body
in the more dense parts of my being
the gift has been always Compassion
for me
for you
for all of us
playing dense all together
with a veil in our hearts
and a dagger in our hands.

The gift has been seeing me in your eyes
remembering that there was never “me”
just another illusion of the mind.

this year is ending with a flavor of blood and flowers
more blood than flowers
another ending
another song of the Soul.

And I feel the next chapter ··· 2019 will guide us ··· onto the stone where finally the final sacrifice will be made
where we all as one will die together
we will burn the veils
we will leave the daggers behind
we will remain naked
with the heart exposed
showing the bones
abandoning the battle of the ego
and embodying the royalty of the Spirit
singing songs from the mountains
and dancing melodies from the stars
we will unify
and harmonize
finally, as we will move as one.

Are you ready for the ride?
if you are not, it will also happen
because is not anymore about YOU
It is about US
It is about the magic creation of the SELF.
The you will die in order of the Truth be revealed.


And that is the Art of life.


Do you think you came here to play small?
no, my beloved,
you came here to scream loud
to dance high
to sense everything
to master life
and enjoy death.
You came here to make a change in the world
to shine like a star
not your “perception about you”
i mean your “real you”
the one who is just the vessel
the emptiness that allows life to flow
the unlimited space into form
the Soul.


Sia Hu Heka.


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