Journey with Kali…

She whispered in my ears,
Are you ready to see the truth?

I said…
She ripped my eyes
and she blew me in the empty bowls,
from the emptiness, two spheres emerged,
and she sang her song…
Kali Ma – Durga Ma – Kali Ma
New life emerged from the darkness
New sight
Just the truth
No more veils
I put my hand on my heart
Intense pain was arrising from the centre
Tears running through my cheeks…
A knot in my throat
And suddenly,
openning my new eyes,

I could meet his shadow
Without him noticing yet
I could see his wounds and patterns
His lies
His pain story
And I could understand his belly
and his anxiety
his run away to the stars
and his need to be recognized

A mix between rage and love was running through my whole being
I couldn´t stop myself of showing him his pain
I couldn´t stop myself hidding more
Not caring about outcomes
Not caring about form
Just expressing the pain of what I was seing
Cutting of the shadow nutrition

And yes, realizing the most painful and sad thing
He was me
I was him


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